Tax Calendar for Businesses & Self-Employed


Accessibility for visually impaired users

The Tax Calendar has been redesigned to improve support for visually impaired users.

The default timeframe setting is "FULL MONTH." This presents all events for an entire month beginning on the first day of the month. This setting also displays a set of navigation controls in the banner of the Tax Calendar.These controls let the user select next or previous month or year. Because "FULL MONTH" displays previous events in the month, it may deliver a long list of events which have to be scanned before you arrive at events with upcoming due dates. It also does not display events in the next month until the user navigates to the next month.

We recommend that visually impaired users consider using a timeframe setting which displays a limited number of events beginning with today's date. For example, selecting the Events unit type radio button in "Timeframe" section of Settings and choosing 3 as the number of units will cause the Tax Calendar to display the next 3 events from today's date, regardless of the month in which they fall. Note that if more than one event occurs on the last of the 3 days, all events on the last day are listed.

Keyboard shortcuts

Note that these shortcuts are usable only when "FULL MONTH" is selected as timeframe in Settings.



The Tax Calendar provides a means of printing a single month at a time.

The printed output includes a calendar grid for the days of the month. Dates on the grid which have Tax events are shown in larger, bold type.

Event dates and descriptions are listed below the grid.

To print:

  1. Choose "Print events for a month" from the Tools menu.
  2. Select the desired Year and Month from the dropdown lists on the Print month page.
  3. Click the "Fetch events for this month" button.
  4. When the list of events is displayed, choose Print from your browser's File menu to print the month's events.

Questions and Answers

Why does the Tax Calendar not display a monthly calendar grid?
Grid navigation presents obstacles for visually impaired users who rely on screen-readers. With the new list format, settings may be selected which list only upcoming events. This list is concise and is accessible to screen-readers.

Users who need to view previous and future events can choose "FULL MONTH" timeframe on the Settings page. "FULL MONTH" displays all of the events in a month and includes a set of navigation controls which allow viewing other months and years.

A calendar grid can be printed using the "Print events for a month" Tool.

If you prefer an on-screen interactive grid, you can use any calandar program which will import or subscribe to an ICS calendar file to view Tax Calendar events. Select "Add tax events to a calendar program" from the Tools menu.

How do I print?
Select "Print a month" from the Tools menu. See Printing for detailed steps.