IRS Subject Matter Expert
Bob Westhoven Bob Westhoven
North East Area Manager
Federal, State & Local Government Division

Robert (Bob) Westhoven is the North East Area Manager for the Federal, State and Local Governments Division (FSLG) of the IRS. He began his career as a Revenue Officer in 1981 and was promoted into the Examination division in 1987. He has worked exclusively with employment taxes since he started working in the Examination division. Bob has been with the FSLG Division since its inception in the year 2000. He has an extensive backgroud and knowledge of government entity issues and has both taught and written numerous courses on a variety of FSLG topics, of which his specific area of expertise is Section 218 of the Social Security Act.

Bob and his employees work exclusively with government entities in the North East, assisting them with federal tax compliance issues, including speaking engagements at government outreach events as well as providing education on federal employment tax and information reporting requirements.