Small Business and Self-Employed Division
Protect your clients; Protect yourself from data theft
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IRS Presenters
Ken Corbin Ken Corbin
Director, Return Integrity and Compliance Services
W&I Division
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Carol Campbell Carol Campbell
Director, Return Preparer Office
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Mark Kahler Mark Kahler
Senior Analyst
Criminal Investigation
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David P. Lyons III, CPA, CFP David P. Lyons III, CPA, CFP
Lyons & Lyons, PC
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IRS Moderator
Gerry Kelly-Brenner Gerry Kelly-Brenner
Stakeholder Liaison
Communications & Stakeholder Outreach
Small Business/Self-Employed Division
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Protect your clients; Protect yourself from data theft

Playout date:
August 17, 2016
1 p.m. Eastern Time
12 p.m. Central Time
11 a.m. Mountain Time
10 a.m. Pacific Time

Webinar description:
  • Security Summit initiatives for FY 2017, including enhancing tax professional awareness of client data safeguards
  • Increase awareness of legal requirements and best practices to better protect taxpayer information
  • Learn more about emerging scams from our Criminal Investigation expert
  • Outline steps tax professionals should take if they suffer a loss of taxpayer data
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