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Hi. I'm Molly, and I work with the Issue Management Resolution System.

If you encounter systemic issues while assisting tax customers, the IRS is here to help.

In fact, that's why we developed the Issue Management Resolution System, or IMRS.

IMRS captures, develops, and responds to national and local issues from tax professionals and small-business leaders.

If you have a problem with: conflicting policies, confusing procedures, or processing systems, let IMRS begin working for you.

Just contact your local stakeholder liaison to begin that process.

The stakeholder liaison will enter your issue into the IMRS for our analysts to research, share with the program owner, and respond.

It's that easy.

We also share issues and responses with you in three publications, all available on the IMRS page of

The monthly Hot Issues Report contains breaking news and other current items and is geared towards tax practitioners.

The Industry Issues Quarterly Report provides a quick overview of some of the issues raised by - or of interest to - our industry stakeholders.

And the IMRS Monthly Overview has brief summaries of some of the issues we've addressed in the past month.

I encourage you to check out these publications.

Your issue may have already been raised.

Simply put, IRS is listening.

IMRS is one way we can capture your concerns and feedback to share with the people who need to hear it.

Go to, and type IMRS in the search box to learn more.