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Hi.  My name is Laurie Tuzynski. I am the IRS Taxpayer Burden Reduction senior advisor. And the IRS needs your help. The IRS would like to hear your ideas for streamlining procedures or simplifying forms and publications to significantly reduce taxpayer burden.

Taxpayer burden is defined as the time and money taxpayers spend to comply with their federal tax obligations.  It's the responsibility of all IRS functions to consider ways to minimize taxpayer burden.

As the IRS Taxpayer Burden Reduction senior advisor, I help ensure burden reduction continues to be an IRS priority and act as an advocate and liaison for external stakeholders. Although the IRS continually takes steps to reduce taxpayer burden, your help is needed to ensure we are identifying all meaningful taxpayer-burden reduction opportunities that address administrative, regulatory, process, or systemic issues, significantly reduce burden, affect a large number of taxpayers, do not create a significant compliance risk, focus on unnecessary burden.

When submitting your ideas, please keep in mind we are not able to resolve individual account issues through the TBR suggestion process. Taxpayer Burden Reduction ideas can be shared using Form 13285-A, Reducing Tax Burden on America's Taxpayers. The instructions for submitting the form, either through the regular mail or e-mail, are printed on the form.

Additional information about Taxpayer Burden Reduction can be found on by typing the keyword "TBR" or "Taxpayer Burden Reduction" into the search function. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.