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Music Hello, I am Edward Killen, Commissioner of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities division of the IRS, also known as TE/GE, a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The IRS plans to announce various positions at

These positions include: Internal Revenue Agents; Management and Program Analysts; Actuaries; Tax Examiner Technicians; and Administrative Support positions.

Whether you are a recent graduate trying to obtain a new position; unemployed and ready to build or showcase your skills; retired military looking to return to the workforce; or simply seeking a change of pace - whatever the reason may be - choose TE/GE as your future employer!

Here in TE/GE, we serve a variety of customers, including Exempt Organizations, Employee Plans, Government Entities, Tax-Exempt Bonds, and Indian Tribal Governments.

The entities that comprise these customers employ almost 25% of the American workforce and they control over $31 trillion in assets.

These customers rely on our support to help them understand the tax laws.

TE/GE serves charities, small local community organizations, major universities, large pension funds, small business retirement plans, local and state governments, participants in complex tax-exempt bond transactions and Indian tribal governments and tribal associations.

Let’s take a moment to talk to the specialized tax areas within TE/GE (which we call “functions”)

to learn more about the work they perform, which is essential to our daily operations: Hi, I’m Rob Malone, director of the Exempt Organizations and Government Entities function within TE/GE, which is generally referred to as EO/GE. Here in EO/GE we work with a diverse customer base.

On the “Exempt Organizations” side, we work with different types of organizations that are exempt from income tax under the internal revenue code, such as charities, business leagues, labor unions and veteran organizations, just to name a few.

As my colleague Angela Gartland will discuss in more detail in a moment, we also work with other types of entities, which includes federal, state and local governments.

During my time with the IRS, and particularly with TE/GE, I’ve found it to be both personally and professionally rewarding.

I’ve been able to work on novel technical issues while also maintaining a work/life balance that allows me to enjoy needed time with family and friends.

This is one of the many reasons I’ve enjoyed my time in TE/GE.

Now that I have told you a bit about EO/GE, let me turn it over to Angela, who will tell you a bit more about the Government Entities portion of EO/GE.

Hello, I am Angela Gartland, director of Government Entities.

My organization is comprised of four functions working together to ensure government entities comply with certain federal tax rules.

The Office of Tax-Exempt Bonds works with the tax-exempt bond community to encourage and achieve the highest degree of voluntary compliance with the law.

The Office of Indian Tribal Governments fosters compliance and maintains an interactive government-to-government relationship between the IRS and Indian tribal governments.

The Office of Federal, State and Local Governments Employment Tax has responsibility for tax compliance by federal and state agencies as well as city, county and other units of local government.

And our Tax-Exempt Compliance Units also review correspondence for potential noncompliance of tax exempt and government entities.

I chose a career at the Internal Revenue Service because of the many opportunities offered, the stability of employment and the wonderful benefits.

Over my 33 years at the IRS, I have worked with amazing people, who work together to make a difference and provide service to America’s taxpayers!

Please consider a career at the IRS. I know you will love it!

Hi, I’m Eric Slack, director of Employee Plans. Within Employee Plans, or EP as we are called, we are responsible for retirement plans and IRAs and the participants and beneficiaries in those retirement vehicles.

EP approves the form of the retirement plan and IRA documents, helps sponsors of retirement plans voluntarily correct plan failures, and examines retirement plans to verify compliance with the tax law.

One of the things I like most about working at the IRS is the wide variety of opportunities available to you.

You can learn a specialty area and advance within that specialty or move into a new area of interest.

The world is open.

Hi, I am Adrian Gonzalez, director of Compliance Planning and Classification or CP&C.

My Operation has many important and interesting activities, foremost among them is developing an optimal portfolio of casework to address TE/GE’s greatest compliance risks.

We deliver ready-to-work cases across the country then govern the execution of workplans in seven TE/GE operations.

My team also collaborates across the IRS to conduct strategic research into complex tax issues that helps us develop improved compliance and customer service activities.

Thanks everyone for sharing those important details regarding TE/GE’s functional work areas.

Now let’s talk about our benefits package: TE/GE is an equal opportunity employer offering the following benefits: Competitive salaries; 11 paid holidays per year; 13 vacation days per year; sick leave; flexible hours and locations (which includes telework); Transportation subsidies; Health and life insurance; Federal Employees Retirement System; Portable Retirement Savings Account; and Incentive awards program.

In addition, the work in TE/GE contributes great value to our nation, which is to provide our customers top quality service by helping them understand and comply with applicable tax laws and protect the public interest by applying the tax law with integrity and fairness to all.

If you are looking to gain new work experiences and join a team that contributes great value to the public, consider working for TE/GE!

Check out TE/GE’s current job opportunities online at

Use the keyword search terms “IRS“, and “Tax Exempt”, then filter “Open to the public”.

You can learn more about TE/GE by visiting our website at

Thank you.