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Hi, I’m Becki  and I work for the Internal Revenue Service.

You may have noticed that over the past several months, we have not been granting certificates of completion for IRS webinars … which means you haven’t been able to get continuing education credit.

Well, the good news is … We’re back on track for granting certificates of completion again. And receiving CE credit will still be free.

But we’ll be asking you for a bit more information than before.

It’s all part of the new IRS requirements for continuing education providers … And anyone who wants to award CE credits – even the IRS itself – must comply with these new requirements.

So, in order to obtain credit for the webinar, when you register we’ll ask for your Preparer Tax Identification Number (or PTIN) in addition to your name, organization, and email.

We’ll also send you a short survey after the webinar … the same kind of evaluation you’d be asked to complete in a classroom.

The length requirement is the same as before. You’ll still need to watch the webinar for at least 50 minutes to qualify for 1 CE credit.

But for us to offer CE credit, the content must involve tax preparation or ethics topics.

For webinars that are more general in nature … or geared toward the public … we will no longer award certificates of completion.

We will report the continuing education credit you earned directly to your PTIN account, and we’ll use your survey feedback to improve the webinar experience.

To find out more about continuing education requirements for tax professionals, go to www-dot-irs-dot-gov-forward slash taxpros forward slash C E  …