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[Music Playing...] In this video, I'll demonstrate how to upload documentation to the IRS using the IRS' Documentation Upload Tool.

When you first access the URL that you've been provided, you'll need to click the OK button on the Authorized splash screen and then click the OK button again when the Privacy Statement screen appears. Next, you'll need to enter in the Unique Access Code also provided by the tax assistor. Once you've entered that code, click on the Next button below.

You'll then be prompted to enter your First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, or ITIN, or if for a business your EIN, or if you're providing documentation for both, then you'll enter that information in both fields.

Then click the Next button below.

Next, you'll be taken to the Documentation Upload screen. You want to click on the blue Select Files to Upload button and then navigate to where your documentation is stored on your device.

Note that the system can support multiple submissions at once.

However, there is a file quantity of 40 and a size limit of 15 megabytes per upload submission.

Please ensure that all documents have been uploaded which you can also preview or remove if needed.

You will be alerted if the upload fails or if successful, you'll see a green check mark. You'll then want to click on the Submit button below.

You'll see this confirmation page that acknowledges that the system has received your documents and an IRS employee will follow up if any additional information is needed.

You can then either Exit the tool or Start Over if needed.

Thanks for watching.

[Music Playing...]