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[Music Playing...] In this video, I'll demonstrate how to use the Documentation Upload Tool when you receive a notice from the IRS. The new Documentation Upload Tool will help save time from either faxing or mailing in documentation. To get started, you'll need to enter the URL provided in your notice. Once the Documentation Upload Tool opens, you'll come to this government authorization use only screen.

You want to click on the OK button if you agree with this information.

Which then opens the IRS privacy statement. Again, read this information and if you agree, click on the OK button at the bottom.

This will then open up the Documentation Upload Tool. You want to enter the Access Code as provided within your notice.

Next, enter the Tax Year that corresponds to your notice.

Then enter your First Name.

And then your Last Name.

And then enter in your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, as appropriate. Once you've entered that information, click on the Next button below. This will then display the Documentation Upload screen. You want to note that the maximum number of files that you can upload is 40. The file types allowed are PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

The maximum file size for each file is 15 megabytes, and PDF files must be 120 pages or less.

Also note on the screen the special characters that cannot be contained in your file names. When you're ready to upload your required documentation, you can either click on the Select Files to Upload button or you can drag and drop your files within the dotted window. I'll click on the button.

You'll then want to navigate on your computer to where your files are located and then click on Open. You'll then see spinning circles, which may take a few moments to process as it scanning for viruses before it uploads it, which will turn green once your upload has been successful. To the right of your PDF files you'll see a Remove button. You can use that to remove a document that you may have uploaded erroneously or you need to upload a different document. You can also upload additional files such as an image, again by clicking on the Select File to Upload button or drag and dropping into the dotted box.

I'll click on the button and navigate to the image I'd like to upload and then click on Open. I'll see the spinning circles.

Once it's completed, you'll again see the green check marks that it's been successful.

With images, you'll not only see the Remove button, but also a Preview button.

Once you've uploaded all the documentation needed, you'll then need to click on the Submit button at the bottom left of the page.

Once completed, you'll see the screen that says that your documents have been successfully uploaded. You can then either click on the Exit button, or you can Submit Another Response if you have a different notice needing documentation.

Thanks for watching.

[Music Playing...]