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Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Charities and Nonprofits: A Quick Resource Guide. At this time, it is my pleasure to turn the floor over to your host, the IRS presenter.

Sir, the floor is yours. Welcome to Charities and Nonprofits: A Quick Resource Guide. We have a few announcements before we start. The information contained in this presentation is current as of the day it was presented, and shouldn't be considered official guidance. Any stories, names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons living or deceased, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. This program will be recorded and maintained in accordance with federal recordkeeping laws. Let's get started. Did you know the home page links to hundreds of pages of helpful information? It's the place to go if you're thinking of starting a nonprofit organization, an employee of a charity or nonprofit needing help completing annual filings, or trying to find information on a charity you'd like to donate to. Part of the IRS-Exempt Organization, or EO, Office's mission, is to help customers understand their tax responsibilities and find information about tax-exempt organizations. We do this using many products, like the Charities and Nonprofits home page,, our educational website, the EO Update electronic newsletter, and the online search tool called Tax Exempt Organization Search. To reach our site, go to, and click on the blue "Charities and Nonprofits" button on the upper right. Here's our Charities and Nonprofits home page. The site was developed to make it easy to use. It's the first place you should go to learn about all the products we offer. The left sidebar lists content for charitable organizations, including churches and religious organizations, political organizations, private foundations, and other nonprofits. There's also content for contributors and how to search for charities. The right sidebar provides links to the latest news items, as well as a list of recent Charities and Nonprofits topics with additional resources. The main content area of the web page has quick links to the most important tax information for charities and other nonprofits. Let's look at some of these resources in more detail. First, one of our most popular products is our educational website, which you can access from the center area of the Charities and Nonprofits homepage, the 6th bullet from the top. StayExempt offers courses on how to apply for exemption, annual requirements, and how to keep your tax-exempt status intact. It also answers difficult questions that more seasoned charities may have. StayExempt includes tabs with interactive training for organizations that are starting out and for existing organizations, while detailed information can be found in the in-depth topic tab and the resource library. Exempt organizations update, or EO Update for short, is a free electronic newsletter with information for tax-exempt organizations and tax practitioners. Over the past several years, the EO Update has become quite popular, and has more than 150,000 subscribers. Signing up for the EO Update is easy. While in the Charities and Nonprofits area of the web page it is the last item on the left sidebar. Another popular research item on our webpage is tax exempt organization search, or TEOS. TEOS is an online search tool. You can access TEOS via the left sidebar under "search for charities." It's also the third item in the main content area of the home page. TEOS is a one-stop site to search, sort, select, and check information on exempt organizations. It has replaced the old exempt organization search application called EO Select Check. Be sure to review the information on the web page for updates to the site, and for search tips. Another important link in the main content area of the home page points to educational resources and guidance for exempt organizations. This link leads to virtual training, including EO online webinars, official guidance, and live training events. The IRS Video portal has scores of video and audio presentations on topics of interest to small businesses, individuals, and tax professionals. The page can be found at You'll also find the life cycle of an exempt organization link on the educational resources and guidance for exempt organizations page. You can also find this link on the left sidebar. We've constructed many of these life-cycle topics for different types of exempt organizations, including private foundations, public charities, social welfare organizations, and others to show what they should do at the 5 major life stages of their organization. The Charities and Nonprofits A-Z Site Index is one of our most helpful pages. Over the years, as we've continued to add information and pages to our site, it's become increasingly more difficult to find specific information, so we developed the A-Z Index. It's quite comprehensive, and incredibly helpful. This presentation scratches the surface of all the information available on the Charities and nonprofits home page. Please review our home page and discover what's there.

Thank you for viewing this presentation. End of presentation ]