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Hi. I'm Tim, and I work for the Internal Revenue Service.  I'd like to talk to you about the Fast Track Settlement program. It is a key IRS program in our overall efforts to resolve taxpayer issues more quickly and one that you may be able to take advantage of for yourself or a client if you're a tax representative.

Sometimes, we aren't able to resolve all issues at the examination level. While this may be unavoidable, if we can work together with the help of a mediator to reach an agreement on those issues, that's good for all of us.

The goal of Fast Track is simple. Rather than closing an exam with unresolved issues then opening an appeal, the goal is to resolve open, unagreed issues at the earliest opportunity -- usually within 60 days.

The Fast Track Settlement program speeds up case resolution because it lets you and your representative work with the examiner and appeals mediator together while a case is still under examination. The program uses dispute-resolution techniques instead of the formal appeal process or lengthy litigation. If the session is successful, the examiner can begin the closing process immediately.

If a resolution cannot be reached, you retain all of your appeal rights so nothing is lost trying to resolve issues through Fast Track and may, in the end, save everyone time and money.

Together, we can continue to improve issue resolution and the services offered through Fast Track Settlement. So, please visit the Alternative Dispute Resolution page on to find more detailed information about how Fast Track Settlement program works, or feel free to ask the examiner assigned to your case.