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The IRS is excited to share a demonstration of the Information Returns portal, which will give small businesses a new and easy way to prepare, file and distribute information return forms, including 1099 forms, completely online.

Today, you’ll see an overview of the website and a quick tutorial on how to prepare and file a 1099 form.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

On the Dashboard, you will be able to do a variety of things, including starting a new 1099 form, viewing forms you’re working on, and even uploading up to 100 forms in bulk using a CSV file.

Before you complete a 1099, you can use the Issuer Management tool to save information for yourself, your business, or others you’re issuing forms for to save time when filling out a form.

Here you can select “Add Issuer”, fill in a Nickname, and then any extra information you’d like to provide so you don’t have to type it in each time you’re filling out a form.

After saving your Issuer, you can return to the Dashboard to start a new form.

All 1099s can be filed through the portal.

To see entire list of 1099s please visit the User Interface User Guide.

Now, we’re going to walk through preparing an example 1099-NEC form, the form for reporting payments made to workers who are not employees.

First select Start New Form.

Use the dropdown to select the desired form to use.

Then select the Payment Year for the form being prepared.

Note that the portal only supports tax years 2022 and after.

On the Payer Information page, enter the Taxpayer Identification Number, Name, and Address of your Payer.

Use the Issuer that was made earlier to save some time.

After entering the information in each field, select the Next button to proceed to the next page.

If a required field is left blank, or an incorrect format is entered, the application won’t advance until they are fixed.

On the Payments Page, enter any payment amounts related with a recipient.

The State Payments page is an optional page.

Select the Next button to skip it.

On the Review and Confirm Page, review the information entered and select the “Submit” button to file your form.

Thank you for watching our demo.

The Information Returns Portal will be available early next year!

For more information, please visit the User Interface User Guide.